Edward Hicks, The peaceable kingdom

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Ganske kort billedanalyse af Edward Hicks berømte maleri; The peaceable Kingdom
Uddannelse: STX 2. år
Fag: Engelsk
Tilføjet af: DyaaaRn
Tilføjet: 25-08-2007
Type: Billedanalyse
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Edward Hicks
The Peaceable Kingdom (1848)
“The peaceful Kingdom” is a painting, painted in 1848 by Edward Hicks.
The painting tells us two different stories, yet still the same.
The first story takes place in the foreground of the painting. There are animals, both herbivores and
carnivores, along with three children, settled right outside a forest. Everyone is sitting or lying
peacefully, there are no signs of the struggling, which would usually be between the animals
The second story takes place in the left centre of the picture. It is the legendary treaty between
William Penn and the Lenape (The Delaware Indians) at the foundation of Pennsylvania. Hicks
believed that this event was part of the process of achieving the "Peaceable Kingdom" here on
earth, and that is clearly, why he chose it to be in his picture.
Together these two stories, tells one story, a story of peace. A story of a world in harmony, or the
Garden of Eden, the puritans set out for America, to get.
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