Essay om "The bad boy"

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Essay over teksten "The Bad Boy"
Uddannelse: STX 1. år
Fag: Engelsk
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Tilføjet: 20-12-2003
Type: Essay
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Essay on The Bad Boy
(An Irish short story written in 1998.)
Oppression is a word that often brings up thoughts of war and dictatorship. But the word
could also mean something more psychological, and could take place in rather normal
settings. People are being controlled all over the world in every kind of setting and in
every kind of way.
Religion and strict traditions often cause oppression to people of weak minds and
personalities. This is what happens to thirty-year-old, mentally ill Geraldine, who lives
with her younger sister and parents in a very religious family.
The society, in which the family is placed, is very religious. This is shown when the “I”
person, Geraldine’s sister, comment on “the bad boy”: “But I know he’s bad because he
never goes to Mass, not even at Christmas.”(Page 1, lines 2-3) People of none religious
believes are looked at as bad persons. It is taken for granted that you believe in God.
The narrator and her sister, Geraldine, have a very good relationship. They have a
connection and share moments like friends do. Even though the “I” is much younger than
her sister, she doesn’t really see her sister as a person at the same level as herself, because
of her sister’s illness. She tries to be responsible of her and take of her, because she
thinks that she can’t handle it herself. But later in the story she discovers some of those
aspects in her sister that she hadn’t seen before. Geraldine shows some feelings, which
her sister didn’t think she was able to show, and the narrator thereby learns how to
respect her as her sister and as a common person. Geraldine shows some feelings that
only a woman can have, and her sister admires that.
Geraldine showed feelings in her relationship with “the bad boy”, Larry. She opened up
to Larry, because he showed interest in her, and because he understood her. He lets her
stand on her own, and helps her by letting her be in control. “She laughed and broke her
look away from his and dived her hand again and again into the mud, so it spattered her
arms and her face with the frenzy of her movements. And suddenly she had enough. She
put her hands out onto his shoulders to heave herself up and steadied herself against him
as he stood up too.” Geraldine learns through experiences how it is to be in control, and
what consequences it might have. She has never tried that before, because of her parent’s
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