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God analyse og fortolkning af opgaven som hører til bagerst i kompendiet.
Uddannelse: STX 2. år
Fag: Engelsk
Tilføjet af: SP anonym
Tilføjet: 11-06-2004
Type: Essay
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Miranda is a 18 year old girl who, in the beginning of the story, lives at home by her
parents in California. The story starts the day before she leaves for College in Boston. She spends
her last night at home with her boyfriend Michael. They drive in his old, dented Plymouth to a stop
on Mulholland Drive. After Miranda has convinced Michael for a while that she is willing to have
sex, they make love in his car. It is the first time for Miranda.
The next day Miranda leaves for Boston and meets her roommate for the next year.
Her name is Holly. I think Miranda idolizes Holly a bit for her courage when it comes to boys,
because Miranda has only been with one boy in her entire life and Holly has been with a dozen,
which appears in their conversation about marriage. (p 3 l 82 - p 4 l 99) But it does not mean that
the two girls agree with each other, as they have very different opinions about having sex.
The whole conversation starts when Miranda is late and finds out that she is pregnant
with Michael’s child. She acts calmly and securely when she finds out, in spite af her age, because
most teenagers would have been terrified just thinking about pregnancy.
When she calls Michael to tell him about the pregnancy, the first thing he asks is not about
abortion, but about marriage. Miranda tells him that she wants to get married. He says that he also
wants that and they only need to have a bigger apartment.
Holly is a year older than Miranda and a more free-minded kind of girl who tries to
get Miranda to see things from her point of view. She is a girl who just wants to have fun and not
necessarily always think of the consequences of her little “games.” That shows when she often
sleeps with her new friend Brian on week nights, and then subsequently gets visited by her
boyfriend Tom at the weekends. Miranda hears a huge difference between the moaning Holly on
her nights with Brian and the hushing Holly on her nights with Tom.
I think Holly’s role in the story is to put Miranda into a situation where she has to choose, to tell
the reader what kind of girl Miranda is; what her values are. And that seems pretty obvious when
Miranda says that she wants to be owned, and that she will marry Michael in spite of the fact that
they have just had sex once. (p. 4 l. 95)
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