The Gentlemen of The Jungle

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Essay om The Gentlemen of The Jungle.
Uddannelse: STX 3. år
Fag: Engelsk
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Tilføjet: 26-09-2010
Type: Essay
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The Gentlemen of the Jungle
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The Gentlemen of the Jungle is a short story written by the author, Jomo Kenyatta. The story is
from 1937. The story is about a man living in with a lot of animals. He is getting fooled by the
animals, when they pretend to be his friend, which leads to an argument and at last, the man ends up
killing all the animals and feels alone. This story will focus on Kenyatta‟s use of genre and writing
style. Furthermore, it focuses on the conflict in both The Gentlemen of the Jungle and the movie
from 1990, Mr. Johnson. At last there will be a discussion and comparison between these two
The genre, Kenyatta has used, is similar to the style being used in fables (animals, sentences such as
„once upon a time‟ and „… lived happily ever after‟). It is an omniscient narrator, seen from another
point of view. Another symbol that refers to the fable style is that the animals have feelings and
emotions - just like humans. In this story, though, the animals are higher in the hierarchy than the
man. It is describing the relationship between the white and the black people, when the black people
were colonized. The reason why he uses this form for genre/writing style is because he wants to
replace the “real” colonialists - both the white and the black people. It is a bit easier to illustrate via
animals and one man (if he illustrated it as it really was, he would be race discriminating and
prejudiced). They way he writes is easy to understand for the reader - you can easily imagine the
society and the ranking as if it were humans. As mentioned before, there is a hierarchy in this
small, fictional society. The lion is the leader (king, general, etc. as we have seen it in The Lion
King), and then comes the elephants and so on - just like in the real world with the general, the
lieutenants, soldiers, etc. The animals also bear titles before their names - also a reference to the
world we live in, “No sooner had Mr Rhinoceros seen it than he came rushing in, only to find that
Mr Elephant was already inside...” (p. 39, l. 9-10).
The conflict in the story, The Gentlemen of the Jungle, is the whole society. We look at it as
animals and a man, but it represents the black and white people - and colonialism. The animals
capture the man‟s hut and keep doing it, until he needs to move out from the society (he ends up
killing the animals - “the white people”, though). They fooled him, but he fools them at last. The
concrete conflict is colonialism. The animals capture the man‟s land, the man‟s country and hunt
him out from his own homeland. This is opposite of the conflict in Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a
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