The Web

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Et essay om teksten "The Web". Opgaven blev givet til Engelsk-A terminsprøve marts 2007.

Opgaven indeholder min egen personlige fortolkning af teksten og diskussion af forskellige temaer, som jeg fandt relevante. Opgaven blev vurderet til 10-11.
Uddannelse: STX 3. år
Fag: Engelsk
Tilføjet af: soren1616 (Slettet)
Tilføjet: 16-08-2007
Type: Opgavesæt
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The Web
, 3.b
The Web is among other things a story about faking the person you really are, pretending to be
someone you’re not. But the story is not only about pretending to be someone else, but also about
the deceitfulness we see in today’s society. People are continuously pursuing a shallow existence in
order to be someone they’re not, which leads us back to, what I believe is one of the main themes of
the story.
The story takes place in London, or to be more precisely, in the area around Kensington High
Street, which is definitely considered to be one of the fanciest and most exclusive districts of
London. We meet two persons of importance: A man called Gavin, who apparently seems to be
both homeless and blind, and then we meet the main character, Liz, who is a busy Londoner. First,
one feels sympathy with Gavin, but later that feeling changes. The reason for feeling sympathy with
him, is the fact that he’s homeless, and most people would feel some kind of compassion for
homeless, starving people. He acts peculiarly calm for a homeless guy, smiling and laughing in
several situations. Liz, however, seems to be the complete opposite person compared to the
homeless man, who is, as mentioned before, quite easy and calm. Liz is rather aggressive and
prissy, and it shows, when she meets the man again, who sits begging for money in a doorway in
Kensington High Street: p. 3, l. 36-41: “STARVING. PLEASE HELP. Liz approached. She stopped
and stared down at the man. He stared up at her. Then she said, >If you’re really starving, why
don’t you eat your dog?><Cunt!>As she walked away, she could hear his derisive laughter.”
But maybe there’s a reason why she’s so aggressive. Because she knows that this guy neither is
homeless nor blind. She saw him at the library, but when she meets him at the bus stop, she chooses
not to confront him with the fact, that he is an untrustworthy cheat, just pretending to be a poor,
homeless guy, not only to make 50-60 pounds a day, but also just to cheat and deceive other people
as a purpose in itself: p. 3-4, l. 74-81: “It’s just another way of ripping people off. Why not? All
business is a process, in one way or another, of ripping others off. Isn’t? He pointed at the Harrods
shopping bag on the chair between. <If that name wasn’t on that bag, you wouldn’t have paid as
much money as you have for the things in it. Would you?>” What he does is quite obvious. He tries
to excuse the fact, that he’s spending much of his time just cheating and deceiving people, by
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