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fakta om amish
Uddannelse: Folkeskole 9. klasse
Fag: Engelsk
Tilføjet af: trineantonsen
Tilføjet: 02-10-2011
Type: Emneopgave
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Trine Antonsen
Oktober 2010
Important facts
The Amish people belong to the protestant Christian group of
Anabaptists. The Amish people are known as the people who gave up
modern technology e.g. cars, telephones and sometimes even
buttons on their clothes. The Amish men wear black, black jacket, pans
and a hat. The women wear a dress and a bonnet. The Amish talks a
south German dialect called Pennsylvanian Dutch or Pennsylvanian
German. It is possible to turn in to an Amish, but it doesn’t happen
The Amish can’t marry one who’s not Amish. Amish marry Amish and
that’s that the way it is. Some Amish are dissatisfied with that, and they
even cross the law because they love someone outside the Amish. If
you love someone outside the Amish and want to marry him or her you
can be thrown out.
Today the Amish people live in 24 of the American states, in Canada,
Central America and South America. In USA there is 230.000 Amish.
In the 1900 there were 33.000 Amish and today there are 250.000. The
Amish women get in average 7 children. Those are a lot and explain
the rise of People from 1900 till today.
The Amish do not have a church. They take it in turns to hold church in
their homes. Every second Sunday there will be a get together
somewhere in the community. The home that is going to hold the
church will be very busy Saturday cleaning and cooking. Sunday
morning the families arrive and the women go to the kitchen and help
while the man unhitch the horse and put it in the barn. Men and
women are not in the same room during the service. The service could
take up to four hours. The ministers will preach and thy sing a lot but
without music.’
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