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13. april 2011 af Mongomaniac - Niveau: 9. klasse

 Jeg har skrevet mit "manuskript" til fremlæggelsen, og jeg kunne godt bruge noget hjælp til at korte den lidt ned, problemet er at jeg som forfatter til fremlæggelsen føler at det hele er vigtigt og derfor ikke rigtig kan tage det objektive overblik. Kunne i derfor måske hjælpe mig med at sige hvad i synes er mindre vigtigt omkring mit underemne (the mind of an american serial killer)

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13. april 2011 af Jeppe101

Hvad har du skrevet der er vigtigt?

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13. april 2011 af Mongomaniac

 Jeg havde vedhæftet det, men den ville åbenbart ikke godtage det. Her er det.

Den vil ikke lade mig vedhæfte det, så her der:

What’s a typical serial killer?
The famous American Army psychologist G.m. Gilbert, once after meeting Herman Göhring said “Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy”. I agree, since these killers often know how their victim feels, but they don’t understand how to feel with them, and show some empathy. This may be the cause of the bad childhood they’ve often experienced.
Ted Bundy said: ”You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”
Serial killers start out “normal”; they are not born with some special gene or chromosome. The one thing most of them have in common is, if you believe the FBI, that when they grew up, something in their life caused them to become more and more alienated from their family and the mainstream society. Maybe it was the father or mother who clearly showed the upcoming killer that he or she had no value except perhaps as a sex object or someone to hurt. Eventually, they seek out some purpose, some concept, or some ideal that make their lives “meaningful” and some special action that will make them a very important person, if only for a moment in history.
A kill in which they thought about a billion times before actually, placing his hand on a real victim. To him, the murder is just a reenactment of his repulsive fantasy, and it’s a whole lot of fun. He’s getting to act out his dirtiest fantasy. If you were he, would you stop?
So, a serial killer is a person who decided to relieve their sorrow of childhood by avenging themselves against the society. He chooses a place and then grabs his moment of power in a way that excites him the most. The kill isn’t really the thing that excites him; it’s the hunt, the fantasy and the revenge! He’s unable to show any empathy and of course he can’t stop.
Even though a serial killer can be detected within one or to kills, judges and experts won’t accept a killer as serial before he committed at least three kills. They have created a model, which in short is a serial killers development from a demon in lust to a full born serial killer in 3 steps. They say that the first kill is often by accident. It’s the kill where he reacts over some mental attack against him. He’s experiencing a great relief by doing this. He’s probably thinking something like “I’m going to teach that bitch a lesson” when acting out his fantasy.
The second kill is like a tryout to see if it really was such a great relief. Often a serial killer waits several months or even years inbetween killings. Like The Zodiac, a killer who is probably the mastermind of all killers. He wrote 340cipher coded letters to the police, and only a few of them has been cracked. It’s said that his true identity is revealed in one of his letters. Anyway he was a killer who committed his crimes over many years. He was an expert predator and by the time the police had a single lead he disappeared. No one has heard from him since then. He might even be acting out a fantasy as we speak, but under a new name.
Now the third kill is far worse than the first ones. The killer finally knows that a kill is a way he’s able to relieve himself from the pain of his childhood. So now he’s coming up with new even more disgusting fantasies, he might even join something occult. He’s like a full born predator and one of the hardest things to catch in all of the US.

Serial killers can be divided into two main groups. Submissive and dominant ones.
The submissive ones are often suffering from a combination of the mental illness of being a schizophrenic and the feeling paranoi. These guys are often the easiest to catch compared to dominant ones. They aren’t really living their fantasy; it’s their hallucination or dominant partner who’s getting the fun.
The dominant killers are made of a whole bunch of other mental illnesses, and there isn’t really a way to detect which kind of illness they are suffering from. Necrophilia, Cannibalism, psychopathy, Narcissism, sadism, sociopathy and many others, are just some of the illnesses seen, and Bundy had nearly all of them.
Submissive killers are often frightened, they are forced into doing what they do by a dominant being, whether that’s a hallucination or partner, and you shouldn’t be surprised if they stutter and use a knife as a weapon.
Dominant ones are more “yes dominant”. They often choose a special victim type, and kill only that type. Bundy did for instance like pretty girls with brown hair, running down their back in two tails. They are also much harder to catch than submissive ones. Again Bundy is a classic example, he was caught 3 times and he escaped from prison the first 2. They are the predators I’ve been talking about, and the only thing that can stop their sickening fantasy is death.
Where in the society are they found?
Ted Bundy once said “We serial killers are your sons. We are your husbands. We are everywhere and there will be more of your children dead tomorrow.” He was, like Zodiac is, a very very intelligent person.
Bundy was right by saying that they are everywhere. The unknown killer, who was on a hunt last night, might be a member of your family.
I also referred to the Serial killers as he, but the killer might for instance be a woman. The only serial killer we ever had in Denmark was actually a woman. However women often kill for other reasons than men. They might be so called “black widows” or angels of death. They kill for financial profits, or if something happened to their child or loved ones they might abduct children, which was the thing that the Danish woman did.
Serial Killers can be found everywhere in the community, even in the high class. However middle to low class killers are seen far more often. An example of a high-class killer is H.H Holmes. He was the first modern serial killer and owned a hotel, in which he committed murders.
In my opinion Serial Killers are an evolving species. Unfortunately there’s been a big raise in the amount of serial killers in the society, and their actions are becoming more and more nasty and sadistic, serial killers are competing if you kill 10, I kill 15. This is a big problem and I’ve been wondering for a long time. What’s the cause of this big raise and why is it that serial killers are much more prevalent in America? My conclusion is that America is a society with the principles of “fast pace, money is everything”. The Americans have to work to live and not live to work. Parents have to work long hours so they can support their families, but this makes them ignore teaching their children about basic values and giving them an education. Also teachers have no control over kids in school, and there’s no uniforms to promote the equality.
Other factors could be Video games, Junk television, Violence, Pornography, Brainwashing media that makes you concentrate on wrong things, glorifying negatives and talking less about positives. So that the kids can’t tell right from wrong.
The American society simply has no way of teaching their children about basic values, when other forces works against them. In return for that you simply lose some people, the upcoming serial killers.
The Danish society is a little different from the American, we don’t have as prominent a media as they do. Also we haven’t got the proper hunting grounds for the killers. There isn’t many dark alleys in our cities and if you scream, it is guaranteed that somebody hear you. Our country’s subjective welfare model is also one of the keys to our lack of killers, because the Americans are far more objective in their way of dealing with people.

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