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12. januar kl. 16:47 af tudorstudent

Dear fellow students. I have completed 170ECTS / 180ECTS in my Master's at Aarhus University. I recently failed my 3rd attempt on a 10ECTS exam (last exam). How likely is it that I receive an exemption for a 4th attempt?

I apologize for not writing in Danish, but I wanted to make sure I have no writing mistakes.


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12. januar kl. 17:56 af Anders521

That depends on your situation. If there are special circumstances that prevented you from completing the course then the Board of Studies may grant you an exemption.

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12. januar kl. 18:12 af tudorstudent

Hey Anders521, thanks. I know about the special circumstances- what they are (illness/death of a relative). I was preferably looking for people who went through/know people who had this situation, but I still appreciate your answer.

Q2: Let's say I don't get the exemption. I have all these ECTS points. What is there to do? Apply for the Master at AU again for just one course?

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12. januar kl. 18:29 af Anders521

In that case you may be disenrolled from the university. If you wish to complete your study, you could reenroll and then transfer the points you've earned into your new study. However, as to whether or not you are given 3 new attempts for the course you've failed is best to ask the student councellor. I have heard that this is not always the case.

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12. januar kl. 18:42 af tudorstudent

But disenrolling me, and then enrolling me again, for just 1 course, doesn't make too much sense and I don't think helps anybody. 

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12. januar kl. 19:05 af Anders521

The university is not required to re-enroll you, but is required to dis-enroll you with respect to your said examination as all 3 attemps have been used. Rules are rules ...unless there are exceptions. As you pointed out, a medical condition and death in the family are such exceptions, and there are other such as being an elite athlete or an entrepeneur (these are stated in the common rules at the University of Copenhagen regarding examinations, but could be applied in the case of Århus University). An exemption is therefore important if you wish to continue your study.  

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12. januar kl. 19:23 af tudorstudent

Evidently, the university is not required to re-enroll me, I have to apply. If I get accepted, then I would take only one course, having passed the other ones.

Thanks a lot for your help Anders521, I understand and appreciate all your comments, as well as the importance of an exemption.

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13. januar kl. 21:24 af guzbak

The University recieves money per student finishing. They are interested in you graduating. If you apply for a 4th attempt I think that it is very likely that they give you another try when you only are 10 ects apart from becomming a msc.

I have seen it many times at ucph.

Write and explain why you failed and why you are going to succeed next time.

Good luck
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// Guzbak

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14. januar kl. 09:54 af tudorstudent

Guzbak thanks a lot! I will talk to my study counselor today as well. Thanks a lot for your answer! 

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15. januar kl. 16:13 af anonym000

Here is my prediction: you will get your 4th attempt. I'm (almost) certain. 

Please keep us updated. 

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