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Uddannelse: Videregående/Universitet, SP-rang: Professor

Jeg har taget 1.- og 2. g på gymnasiet, men valgte herefter at skifte til hf-enkeltfag, hvor jeg har fået merit for nogle af de fag, jeg har gennemført.

Jeg er ubetinget relativist, metafysiker og alternativist. Hos mig er det lysten, der driver værket. Jeg lærer ikke for leve, men lever for at lære.



"Uanset hvilke floder vi spejler

os i

ser vi først os selv, når vi har

vendt ryggen til".


Knock knock, coming door to door
To tell you that the metaphor is better than yours


"Frihed hele dagen lang"

"Du bliver nok klogere."

"Jeg bestemmer slagets gang!"


"Det, der ikke bøjes i tide, bliver aldrig rigtigt skævt."


"Daddy ain't that bad he just plays rough
I ain't that scarred when I'm covered up
I leave the light on"


"The meaning of the box is threefold

1)     It gives time to think

2)     Is shows how much you care

3)     It hurts"


Hf-enkeltfagskarakterer fra VUC FYN:

SSO                                                        Skriftligt 12

EPR                       Mundtligt 10 

Dansk A                 Mundtligt 10             Skriftligt 12

Tysk A                    Mundtligt 10             Skriftligt 12

Engelsk B               Mundtligt 12              Skriftligt 7      

Filosofi C                Mundtligt 12

Geografi C              Mundtligt 12

Kemi C                   Mundtligt 10

Religion  C              Mundtligt 12



Årskarakterer fra Christianshavns Gymnasium:

Biologi B                Mundtligt 10           Skriftligt 10                   

Historie B               Mundtligt 10 

Matematik B           Mundtligt 10           Skriftligt 10

Samfundsfag C       Mundtligt 10 


Freud's Dream: A Complete Interdisciplinary Science of Mind by Patricia Kitcher: “However, he did not believe in the necessity of a quantitative approach because he described the determinants of unconscious motivation by such terms as “force,” “energy,” and “intensity.” On the contrary, he used this terminology because he believed that psychoanalysis must have a quantitative dimension.” (Chapter 3, page 53- 54)




Øbro Fri Skole (2002-2012)

Christianshavns Gymnasium (2012-2014)

Sankt Annæ Gymnasium (2014-2015)

LTC Brighton (2015)

Akademisk Studenterkursus (2015)

HF & VUC FYN (2015-2017)

Testrup Højskole (2016)

KVUC (2017)

Københavns Universitet: PSYKOLOGI  (2017 - Courage isn’t just about being brave, is about all the common fear and daring to do what is right.)


Wir leben und wir sterben hier X)


Love song by Sara Bareilles

"I'm not gonna write you a love song today"

“Okay, what about tomorrow?”


The Secret of Happiness by Dan Gilbert

1.     Accrue wealth, power and prestige. Then lose it.

2.     Spend as much of your life in prison as you possibly can.

3.     Make someone else really rich.

4.     Never ever join the Beatles.

Når man træffer et valg, bør man ikke tænke: ”Hvad ville det betyde for mig”, men i stedet tænke: ”Hvad kommer det til at betyde for mig."

Does this sound like a helicopter?... Bhhhhrhr


...You say you dream of my face
But you don't like me, you just like the chase
To be real
It doesn't matter anyway...


Mit land det ligger ned - mit land det ligger ned
Kan vi flip' den mønt i tide


Feminist Studies by Nina Lykke: "The undecidability, fluidity and constant sliding from one meaning to another, which, according to Derrida, characterize the non-A position in the binary such as woman, is made visible in the act of deconstruction and mobilized as the driving force that makes the system of fixed binary oppositions fall apart." (Chapter 6, page 100)

The Work of Representations by Stuart Hall: "It is true that Saussure himself focused exclusively on the state of the language system at one moment of time rather than looking at linguistic change over time. However, for our purpose, the important point is the way this approach to language unfixes meaning, breaking any natural and inevitable tie between signifier and signified. This opens representation to constant 'play' or slippage of meaning, to the constant production of new meaning, new interpretations." (Chapter 1, page 32, in Hall, S. (ed.): Representations. Cultural Representations and signifying processes.)


Understanding Stuart Hall by Helen Davis: "He has described this as ‘the point at which power bites`, acknowledging the tension between structure and agency, desire and action. It was at the crucial intersection between power and knowledge that Hall understood the reality of gendered power relationships: ‘Long, long after I was able to pronounce the words, I encountered the reality of Foucault’s profound insight into the individual reciprocity of knowledge and power. Talking about giving up power is a radically different experience from being silenced.'" (Chapter 5, page 130)



”Jeg føler jeg ville være gladere, hvis jeg var født et andet sted…”

”Jeg føler også, at jeg ville være gladere, hvis du var født et andet sted.”


Words can’t bring us down

So don’t you bring us down today


Einer macht mehr Malle, alle fahr'n nach Schweden 

I did not! I don’t even know how to use my keycard.