22. marts 2007 af nadia123456789123456789 (Slettet)
rettelse af grammatik opgave (er nok simpel for nogle)

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22. marts 2007 af nadia123456789123456789 (Slettet)

ups opgaverne kommer her:

A. Complete the following sentences with the correct preposition: at, in or on.
1. Will you wait for me at the bus stop?
2. Jane is in her bedroom.
3. Daria´s books are lying on the floor.
4. The girls didn’t want to spend a long time at the carnival.
5. I let the cat sit on my lap, but then suddenly it jumped at my face!
6. Do you live in the city or at the country?
7. Trent arrived at the school building just in time.
8. The rancher built a fence to keep his cow in the pasture.
9. Kevin and Mack are out practicing at the football field.
10. From afar, Heathcliff could a light at the window.
11. The old house had so much grime on the windows that Bradley could hardly see inside.
12. The shepherd boy grazed his flock at the grassy hillside.
13. The audience threw tomatoes at the terrible comedian.
14. Wrestling isn’t real; those guys in the ring are just pretending.
15. David works on the field of network administration, while Marty works on web design.
16. The car stalled and got stuck on the street.
17. Audrey lives at Third Street.
18. If William doesn’t make any money on his book, he’ll be out on the street.
19. I’ll use my cellular phone when I’m in the bus, but never while I’m in the car.
20. Passengers are not allowed to use electronic devices on airplanes during takeoff and landing.

B. Punctuate the following sentences with apostrophes according to the rules for using the
1. Who’s the party’s candidate for vice president this year?
2. The fox had its right foreleg caught securely in the traps’ jaws.
3. Our neighbours’ car is an old Chrysler, and it’s just about to fall apart.
4. In three weeks time we’ll have to begin school again.
5. Didn’t you hear that they’re leaving tomorrow?
6. Whenever I think of the stories I read as a child, I remember Cinderella’s glass slipper and Snow White’s wicked stepmother.
7. We claimed the picnic table ours, but the Smith’s children looked so disappointed that we found another spot.
8. It’s important that the kitten learns to find its way home.
9. She didn’t hear her children’s cries.
10. My address has three 7s, and Tim’s phone number has four 2s.
11. Didn’t he say when he would arrive at Arnie’s house?
12. It’s such a beautiful day that I’ve decided to take a sun bath.
13. She said watch Jack found was hers, but she couldn’t identify the manufacturers name on it.
14. Little girls clothing is on the first floor, and the mens department is on the second.
15. The dogs’ bark was far worse then its bite.
16. The moons’ rays shone feebly on the path, and I heard the insects’ chirpings and whistlings.
17. They’re not afraid to go ahead with plans, though the choice isn’t theirs.
18. The man whose face was tan said that he had spent his two weeks vacation in the mountains.
19. I found myself constantly putting two cs in the word process.
20. John’s 69 Ford is his proudest possession.

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22. marts 2007 af Sannaen (Slettet)


10. From afar, Heathcliff could a light at the window. (Mangler der noget i denne sætning?)

Ellers ser det generalt meget fint ud (:

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24. marts 2007 af Nina Tønder gym (Slettet)

6. Do you live in the city or at the country?

Det hedder in the country

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24. marts 2007 af Nina Tønder gym (Slettet)

#2: tror der mangler et "see". Og så ville jeg nok sige in the window


nr. 12: ville sige in the grassy hillside.
nr. 15: David works in
16: in the street (den er jeg dog ikke 100 % sikker på)
19: cell phone when I’m at the bus

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26. marts 2007 af nadia123456789123456789 (Slettet)

tusinde tak for jeres hjælp, det er rart at endelig kunne få noget hjælp :D

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