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22. april 2019 af akuthjælp - Niveau: A-niveau

Nogle som kan rette denne her del for evt. fejl, da min lærer ikke skal, men jeg stadig gerne vil se hvordan jeg har klaret det? 

Every human lives with issues, some issues may be more extreme than others. Some people know how to tackle their issues, and some do not. In principle, every person can live his life, as they want to. Why? The answer is, that there is no formula about living life correctly. Therefore, it is very freely, and this may be a reason why some people end up in troubles for instant by taking drugs, drinking regularly, and so on. Exactly, because an individual has a lot of decisions to make today, and high expectations. The short story “A Gap of Sky” is written by Anna Hope in 2008, and it deals with the issues of a nineteen-year-old girl.
Ellie is a young teenage girl who is chaotic, confused and irresponsible.  Throughout the text, she feels a lot of different feelings, for instance stress and confusion, but also optimism. Ellie awakes alone surrounded by drugs, spirits and so on.  The night before she attended a party. Ellie does not remember anything except a place near, “Spitalfields”. Furthermore, she went out to buy booze, but she cannot remember if she actually bought it. These examples show her confusion. When she wakes up, she remembers that she has an essay to do. “Essay there is an essay due, important, due for Tuesday morning.” (L.14) She starts stressing about the paper, and is not sure if she can get it. As a character, it tells that she is irresponsible, because she has waited to do her paper till the last minute. However, she also shows responsibility, because she tries to pull herself together, so she can do her paper. An example where she is stressing about her paper is, “scrabbles for her phone, finds it beside her pillow. 16:29. Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit.” (L.13) Ellie does not have any person to tell her how to do things, because she for instance does not live with her parents. Therefore, she must stand on her own feet, and live like an adult. This may be a reason why she is chaotic, namely because she is young and inexperienced, without anyone to guide her. Trough the text, there are complications with her paper, but it seems like she is optimistic, and that she wants to do the paper despite the time pressure, “She will write her essay and that will be a good thing. A good thing and the right thing to do”. (L.131)

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