Bend it like beckham stil

31. oktober 2004 af Mads123 (Slettet)
Håber der er nogle der vil hjælpe mig med at rette min stil igennem. Der er sikkert massere af fejl, men har gjort mit bedste.

Jessie is the main character in the book, Bend it like Beckham. She is a young girl from India who lives in England with her family. Her family consists of her mother, her father and her sister.
Jessie’s hobby is to play soccer. She dreams of becoming a professional soccer player and playing for her dream team Manchester United and at some time, maybe meeting her favorite player, David Beckham.
In the beginning she only plays soccer in the park with some of her friends but later it becomes more serious because she starts in a soccer club for girls only.

Jessie is not happy with her situation. She is an Indian girl with her Indian family in an English society. Her family wants her to become a great Indian wife which includes learning how to cook. But Jessie is not happy with that. She wants to live like a normal English teenager. She wants to make her own decisions and choices instead of her parents making all of them. Jessie does know that her parents like her and take care of her but she don’t agree with them. As the story takes place Jessie’s sister is going to get married. After that, Jessie is the next in the line and that puts some pressure on her which she doesn’t like. They expect her to become a wife who can cook, and wear fine clothes and jewellery and stays at home watching the kids.
The family sees Jessie as a little girl. So they accept that she wants to wear loose clothes and don’t worry too much about her looks but expect when she gets older that she will.

Jessie likes soccer so much that she begins to lie for her parents. She knows that her parents don’t want her to play, but she sneaks out every time there is practice and even once “sneaked” to Germany so she could play in a match. She knows that it is a big risk but she is willing to take it. At this time, soccer has become much more important than her family.
But it is not just soccer that is the reason. She has learned some people to know and especially one girl called Jules. They are best friends and Jules also knows about all Jessie’s problems at home. She helps her covering for her so Jessie’s parents don’t know what she is doing.
She also begins to get feelings for her soccer coach. He is not much older than Jessie but he is English. It is a big problem because if her parents knew that she was dating an English boy, they would flip out.
Jessie does probably feel more English than she feels that she is from India. She has lived in England all her time and speaks the language fluently and most of her friends are English. It is only the parents who have influenced her as a girl from India.

It is very hard for Jessie to live a normal English life. Jessie is much more together with English people than her parents is. Therefore the mother has a hard time accepting those things Jessie wants to do while Jessie’s dad isn’t so much against it because he has a job where he works with English people and therefore know about English society. In the end Jessie don’t become a professional soccer player but instead she is going to USA with Jules which she is looking forward to. They have accepted that Jessie has other interest than becoming a normal India wife.

På forhånd tak!

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31. oktober 2004 af Mads123 (Slettet)

Er der ingen der kan hjælpe?

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31. oktober 2004 af Mads123 (Slettet)

Er den helt fejlfri x)

Og er det klart nok at det er en indier og ikke en indianer?

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01. november 2004 af Mads123 (Slettet)

Ok har accepteret at ingen vil kigge den igennem :) Men er det fordi, den er "lang" at man ikke gider. Eller at folk mere er til enkelte sætninger eller?

Bare så jeg ved hvornår jeg skal poste en anden gang.

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23. september 2015 af goodtime (Slettet)

mega god

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