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22. april 2019 af akuthjælp - Niveau: A-niveau

Hej! Har denne opgave, som ikke bliver rettet af min lærer, men bare til mig selv. Alligevel vil jeg gerne vide, om jeg har gjort det godt. Nogle som vil kigge den igennem for fejl? 

The short story is told by a third person narrator with a focus on Ellie. With the use of a third person narrator, the reader knows about Ellie’s thoughts and feeling, which tells a lot about her personality. The language is told as a young teenage girl, and more specific, Ellie, would speak.  This results that, for instance if Ellie is confused, the reader will probably also get confused, because of how the text is written. “Fine. Time? Ten minutes to get there. Shit. Should she do the essay first, print it in the morning? No No time.” This example shows a situation, where she is stressed, which also affects the reader. In situations where she is confused or stressed, the sentences are very short and incomplete. Another means that creates a stressed situation, are the rare use of comma and punctuations. The language also consists of swearwords for instance, “fuck”, “shit” and so on. In fact, the text is written with the use of stream of consciousness, which can be a good way to get into the character's mind. 
The themes that dominate in “Gap of sky” are freedom, youth and expectations. Ellie wants to be free and outside, “She wants to be outside, to stay outside, to walk and walk and walk. ”(L.88) Though she wants to be free, something is holding her back, which is the reason why she wants to do her paper. A reason why she must do her paper, is that she can get kicked off the course. Another reason could be that she thinks about her parents and their expectations. “There are people moving together, here in this part of London, moving with purpose, with meaning, and Ellie is one of them.”(77) This may tell us that she has moved to London as a grand tour, or to enjoy her youth. Maybe she is not able to handle this alone, which can be seen when she does drugs. Maybe she learns how to stand on her own feet and be a responsible woman. Ellie has to make her own decisions, but she also learn the consequences of her decisions. For instance, she has put off her paper till the last minute, and know she must deal with the consequences, namely that she must stay up the whole night to finish it. 
I can draw the conclusion that Ellie is a young girl, who wants to stand on her own feet and be responsible. She fails this in some way, buy drinking and doing drugs. However, she is still optimistic and wants to take her school seriously, maybe because she wants to live up to her parents’ expectations. Furthermore, I can conclude that Ellie is a complex character because we have to analyze her, to understand what kind of character she is. At last, Ellie wants to be free, but something is holding her back, probably the parents, which is the reason why she wants to do her paper. 

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