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28. maj 2012 af Muroo

Vil blive meget glad hvis nogen kan hjælpe med rette opgaven .. ! Den skal afleveres imorgen ! ,:( 


Write an essay (800-1000 words) in which you analyse and interpret the short story “Andy’s Gift”. Your essay must include the following points – not necessarily in the order given below:

- a characterisation of Andy
- a characterisation of Andy’s wife
- symbolism
- the themes
- the ending
- any other interesting aspect(s)

The story is by Michel Faber from 2001, with name Andy’s gift. The story tells about the middle aged man Andy, who wake up after 5 years in a nursing home. In those 5 years everything had changed, and he stands there with a difficult situation, losing his mind, and fitting after a 5 year long break of his life with Andrew.
Andrew has two personalities; the reader can also look through the names Andrew and Andy. Andy is the side of him that was childish and lile boy. It also appeared as Brom come to visit him, she says,'' Hi Andy Boy'' (L.57)
Andrew who before had contracted the disease was a polite man, and a caring, loving husband and a good father. When he get his senses back he gets a whole new personality where he feels embarrassed and humble when he thinks about his past in nursing homes, as well as careless and indifferent when he thinks about his past as Andrew the good man who was the father of three children.
The reader can see that he's turned to Andrew, which is written behind the lines, where he for example begins shave himself without any problems.
Bromine is Andrew's wife, who is also called Bwom. Same, they had three children and the oldest is nine years and where the 2 youngest are around 7-year old. Andrew has been missing many things, certainly the most important years of their life. After Andrew disease was Brom have to do things on their own hands.
When Andrew returns to his home, he can only remember that he moved to here because of a job, no longer existed for him. But Brom had to obtain a job after Andrew disease.
Andrew was very afraid to see the children, also gives the reader an understanding of the sentence'' He Knew damn well he was unwelcome, that he had come back to life that much too short notice for here'' because their relationship had probably changed.
But Brom try and rebuild the usual atmosphere by taking a chat with Andrew over a cup of tea (L.120-125). Though Brom have had hard times, she was forced to adjust to Andrew's comeback. Although the children had forgotten him and that they came on with life without Andrew, he was still part of the family. But over time, they have both forgotten each other's personalities. Andrew thought she was an older generation. It had made her less interesting.
That evening he returned home, everything was as it should be. Later that night when Brom will have sex, she is rejected by Andrew.
Instead she pretends that nothing has happened and that everything is as it used to be, and this handling of the situation probably causes the end of their marriage.
The above characterizes one reason to why many of today’s marriages are ending in divorce. We no longer talk about the important things; instead we small talk. Also we talk past each other instead of to each other. The traditional nuclear family has been replaced with an individuality that has made us all much more independent.
The end of the story is very open and can therefore be interpreted in various ways. But Andrew chooses and flee because he will not be in a worthless ritual life.
It symbolizes natural  side of life, and it is a complete contrast to the life, Andrew has seen so far. He feels free, without the chains of having a family who does not want you (L. 178).
The theme of the short story is today's marriages and the accompanying difficulties. The theme is also life and death. Author wants to readers of history can see the difficulties of being in marriage, because it is a serious decision which must be thought through a lot, because you can have both upturn and downturn in a marriage.

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