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A class from Britain is visiting your school. One of the things you will show them is Tivoli. But before you go there you make a speech for the British class about the history of Tivoli.
Prepare the speech. You may find good information on the following web-site :

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Og? Hvad skal vi hjælpe med?

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Jeg ved bare ikke hvad jeg skal ??

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Tivoli was inspired by the so called romantic pleasure gardens of Europe. Romantic in the sense that they were landscaped according to the English tradition of forming naturalistic ornaments, as opposed to the French style with its strong, geometric lines. Tivoli's founder, Georg Carstensen (1812-57) had seen pleasure gardens on his journeys through Europe, and in 1841 he applied to King Christian VIII for permission to establish and run his 'Tivoli & Vauxhall' for five years.

Carstensen's description of Tivoli was this:
1. A Bazaar for trading Danish and foreign products
2. A Concert Pavilion
3. A Theatre for Dance, Masques etc.
4. A Cosmorama or Panorama
5. Fireworks platform
6. Swings, Merry-Go-Rounds, Slides etc.
7. Skittle alleys and other games
8. Billiards
9. A restaurant
10. Coffee houses and smoking salons
11. Patisseries

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