Engelsk analysemodel af en artikel ?

24. juni 2008 af Gulbebek (Slettet)
Er der nogle som vil hjælpe mig med at finde en analysemodel til artikler ? På engelsk :)

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24. juni 2008 af Riiiks (Slettet)

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Non-fiction: Things to consider when reading a text:
What type of text is it?
•An article, essay, interview, a speech, letter (to the editor)?
What is the medium?
•Where does the text appear: in what kind of media; newspaper, a magazine, on TV,
the Internet, a book?
Who is speaking/writing and what is the person's background:
•Family, education, occupation, religious or political point of view, age, sex?

To whom is the text addressed? (The receiver)
What is characteristic of the text:
•Language, specific vocabulary, symbolic language.
•Rhetorical effects: repetition, alliteration (bogstavrim).
•References to specific topics, places or people.
•Are there any quotations? If yes, by whom, and how are they used?
•What type of arguments are used, are they weak or strong?
•Are there illustrations, if yes what kind, and what is the relation between illustration and text??

What is actually said?
Find key words in the text, or try to divide the text into sections and give each paragraph a headline.

What is the writer's or speaker's intention?
•To argue, convince, discuss, entertain, inform, educate, persuade, prove?

How reliable is the text?
•Is the text of current interest or outdated?
•Is the topic relevant (to you)?
•Do you find the text and the arguments reliable or unreliable?
•Were you convinced by the text? Why (not)?

The above is also expressed in the Laswell Formula of communication (named after its author, the American sociologist Harold Laswell):

Control analysis

Says what?
Content analysis

In what channel?
Channel (medium)
Medium analysis

To whom?
audience analysis

With what effect?
Effects analysis

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12. maj 2009 af saxii_henrik (Slettet)


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31. august 2010 af vquistbaby (Slettet)

Det er til en artikel.

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27. september 2019 af HFNU (Slettet)

Nogle der ved om man skal lave en præsentation som i fiktionsgeneren

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