Hjælp mig med engelsk har brug for at se om det er rigtigt

09. september 2016 af marcus30301 - Niveau: 8. klasse

Hej jeg vil bare lige være sikker på om jeg har lavet det her rigtigt alså rigtire bøjninger og så videre og om man kan forstå det jeg har lavet

Hi my name is Marcus I have been in atlanta for 7 years ago Georgia is a fantastic place with many fabulous things to see for example World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Anna Ruby Falls, the Fox Theatre but for the present I only want to tell you about Georgia Aquarium. In November 2001 when Bernard Marcus made his vision of presenting Atlanta with an aquarium after visiting 56 aquariums in 13 countries with his wife Billi he donated 250$ million to what was to become Georgia Aquarium corporate contributions totaling an additional 40$ and thereby million allowed the aquarium to open debt-free the aquarium now encompasses 550.000 square feet (5.1 ha: 13 acres) of covered space: its exhibits hold 8,000.000 US gallons (30.000 m3) of fresh and salt water. it feels like you walk through the open sea you can see sea creatures completely close on its a fantastic adventure to see all the fish fly past your body you can almost touch them but there is a pane of glass to protect you from the water and the sea creatures. The Georgia Aquarium is a public aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, USA Georgia Aquarium contains tens of thousands of fish and other sea creatures representing several hundred species the aquarium is the only institution outside Asia to house whale sharks Their importation from Taiwan by air, truck and boat had never been attempted previously They were taken from Taiwan's annual fishing kill quota under which they would have been eaten had they not been purchased by the aquarium. The aquarium's most famous specimens were four young whale sharks from Taiwan named Ralph, Norton, Alice, and Trixie, after the primary characters from The Honeymooners. Ralph and Norton died in 2007 but that same year the aquarium received two more whale sharks. The whale shark is the biggest shark and one of the biggest sea creatures in the world its a fantastic creature the shark can be up to 18 meter long and can weigh up to 21 tons the whale shark can mainly be 70 years old but some whale sharks can be 150 years old. you can olso see african penguins,alligators, shrimps, seahorses and many other sea creatures the aquarium also features a 4D movie Deepo's Undersea 3D Wondershow the largest exhibit Ocean Voyager built by Home Depot contains 6.3 million US gallons 24,000 m3 of water and several thousand fish.

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14. september 2016 af Stygotius

Er det meningen at du vil have karakter for denne opgave, som andre har lavet for dig???

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