STX - skriftlig engelsk eksamen B-niveau 2. delprøve

25. juni 2012 af Sarahhejsen (Slettet) - Niveau: B-niveau

Hej derude

Jeg var oppe i skriftlig engelsk på STX B-niveau her i år, og har lige fået min eksamens karakter tilbage. Eftersom jeg føler mig lidt snydt, vi ikke får nogen rettelse tilbage og derfor mangler grundlag for min karakter, ville jeg høre, om der var en venlig sjæl eller 2 derude, der ville give en vurdering samt grundlag for vurderingen af mit essay. 

Håber jeg kan få svar på mit spørgsmål:

- How Lucky You Are
‘’How Lucky You Are’’ is a short story written by Debi Alper. It is published in the year of 2010. The story takes place in Britain, and it is about a boy called Max and his relationships between the people he is fond of. We got told the story from an omniscient narrator. In the beginning of the story we got a flash back in Max’ childhood. It is told that Max’ father had left him and his mom when he was younger - and that is why Max is careless about the resources he got offered. For example he is indifferent with the fact of he can go to school whenever he wants and that he got a mother who really cares about him. He just ‘’bunks off’’ in school, and is not interested about his exams, homework and all this, but one day he met that special girl called Ishraqi. She turned his point of view in life.
Ishraqi is an immigrant from Iran. Both of her parents are arrested at an anti-government demonstration. She came to Britain as an ‘’un-accom-pained-minor.’’  Ishraqi is just going to get her Certificate of Secondary Education, but even before the education something happens. Ishraqi’s supporter is Alexsa. She has a job in the refugee center, and she tries to keep Ishraqi in the country. It seems to be difficult because it was determined that Ishraqi had to get back to her own country - Iran. This is the story about losing everything in no time.
The widest theme in this short story is about to appreciate the thing you have. And that is what our main character - Max does. In the beginning of the story he did arguing a lot with his mother. He thinks that she is just nagging about homework and taking responsibility - mentally at this time he is just a little kid. Not knowing anything about what life can bring; ‘’Just that morning he’d a huge row with his mum. She drove him crazy (..)’’. Linie 128, page 11. But after the meeting with Ishraqi, everything turns around. He discovers how lucky he is for having the possibilities at his disposal; ‘’He thought about Ishraqi not knowing if her parents were alive or dead and resolved not to argue with his mum for once [...]” Linie 71, page 12.
A characterizing of Max would be that he, behind the outer, is a merciful and good boy. He is what we call a dynamic ‘’round character’’ - able to change. Outside he seems like a hard guy - smocks his own home-made cigarette, bunks off, not interested in school and his future, especially school subjects like math and English, and he argues with his mother. He is unware with other people unless they made a direct impact to him (it is shown that it is wrong after he meets Ishraqi.) But what we also know is that Max is very creative, and the teachers think that Brit School in Croydon is the ideal thing for him. ‘’The Brit school in Croydon was the ideal setting to nurture his strengths and guide him onto constructive paths.’’ Linie 6, page 8.
Max is making a change in this short story. He starts with a selfish, ‘’don’t care’’, arrogant personality to being a grown-up. This story only takes places in one day, but it is enough for him to make a difference; ‘’He didn’t care that he was crying or that people might be watching. He didn’t care…’’ Linie 196, page 12.
Ishraqi is a flat character. It is not told that we got any changes from her side. She is a cute-looking person. She is an immigrant from Iran. She is lonely - does not know where her parents are. She just needs some care. She fears to be sending home to Iran - she has no future there; ‘’There is no future for me in my country(…) I don’t even know where my parents are or if they are still alive.” Linie 126, page 11.
The new country did not only bring a new language to her, but also a new lifestyle for Ishraqi. She usually had to go with clothes from up and down. The fact of she can wear whatever she wants in this country, takes her unawares; ‘’When I first come here to this country,’’ she said, ‘’I felt so strange to be able to wear whatever I like. I could choose if I wear a hat or not. Or jeans. Or a short skirt.’’ Linie 138, page 11.
Ishraqi is just going to finish her Certificate of Secondary Education, but the fact of she didn’t reach it made Max annoyed. At last in the story they send Ishraqi back to home - to Iran. This is the climax of the story, it is here the changes takes place.
Change? The relationship between Max and his mother is very strain in the beginning. Max and his mother argue a lot, and he seems to be a difficult child for his mother; ‘’His tutor would probably have phoned her to say he hadn’t been in, so he’d have to negotiate his way through that.’’ Linie 170, page 12. His mother cares about him, and he seems to be the only one who is left since his father left them. Btw. He hates his father for leaving them ‘’Yeah right, Dad. That’s why I heard her crying every night for weeks after you left. Fuck off then and if you manage to find yourself in Thailand or wherever you are, give yourself a kick in the bollock from me.’’ Linie 16, page 8.
The relationship is turned at last when Max comes home after ‘’the loss’’ of Ishraqi. ‘’When Max arrived home late, his mother took one look at his face and bit off the angry lecture she had been preparing. Instead, she folded her son in her arms and waited for the time he would talk to her.’’ Linie 200 page 12.
This short story is very realistic in our days. It could happen for everyone - losing all what you have on one simple day.  So the lecture of today: appreciate what you have today, you don’t know what you have tomorrow. Always remember..

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Svar #1
26. juni 2012 af Kulka (Slettet)

Hvilke spørgsmål skulle du besvare? 

Svar #2
26. juni 2012 af Sarahhejsen (Slettet)

Opgave oplægget fik jeg ikke med hjem, og det er heller ikke til at finde her på nettet - desværre.

Men så vidt min hukommelse tillader, var det noget med:

Skriv et essay om..

- tema (message)

- Giv en karakterisering af Max

- Giv en karakterisering af Ishraqi

- Skriv om forholdet mellem Max og sin mor - og hvordan det ændres.


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Svar #3
27. juni 2012 af Kulka (Slettet)

Nu ved jeg ikke hvad du har fået, men jeg har kigget de første par afsnit igennem: 

Brugen af ”got” = talesprog.
The story is told by an omniscient narrator (foretrækkes)

For example he is indifferent with the fact of he can go to school whenever he wants and that he got a mother who really cares about him. = For example he is indifferent of the fact that he can go to school …. (he has got)…

Bunks off?

And all this = Fillers er unødvendige. Avoid them!

one day he met that special girl called Ishraqi. = One day he met a special girl called Ishraqi.

In the beginning of the story he did arguing a lot with his mother. = He argued eller he did argue.

"So the lecture of today: appreciate what you have today, you don’t know what you have tomorrow. Always remember.." Du kan ikke slutte din sætning/opgave på denne måde.

Jeg kender ikke teksten, men din stil bærer præg af nogle grammatiske fejl, dog ikke de helt fatale, men de ses og er gennemgående og afspejler, du ikke behersker sproget to the fullest. Desuden er det evident, at du gør brug af dansk kommatering. 

Jeg synes dog, du har gjort brug af nogle litterære termer, som jeg ved, burde trække op. Men analysen virker lidt overfladisk, og det kunne være grunden til, at du føler dig lidt snydt. Hvad har du fået?  


Svar #4
27. juni 2012 af Sarahhejsen (Slettet)

Tak for du gad give dig tid til at kigge noget af det igennem. Det med den danske kommatering prøvede jeg ellers at undgå så vidt muligt, men jeg kan godt se, at det gik lidt galt :-)

Jeg fik samlet 4 for 1. og 2. delprøve. Men eftersom 2. delprøve vægter 4/5 af karakteren, er det den jeg går mest ind for er resultatet af min karakter. 

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