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09. november 2009 af AYG (Slettet)

 Da jeg endnu ikke kan vehæfte min fil, så sætter den ind her.. I kan kopir det forkerte og skrive det rigtige.. 

håber i kan hjælpe mig.. tak på forhånd :)



Almost no costumes, only men were who played with men and women and the music was special. When the men were changing scene, they switched to a special way in which those who do not have start with being on stage was behind audience, it felt different. Men who played women, was difficult to understand, and what there happened in the theater. If you are unfamiliar with Shakespeare's time, so you will have hard to understand why there only was men as acting. The men were good to live into the role and get the audience to follow were also in the theater because they had eye contact with them and often looked out to the audience. The men there played women, don't have costumes that only have scarf and female movement, it was enough that the audience could see they were women.In the start when they kissed each other 1-2 times looked considerably and should just understand that it was men who were and some of them played women. Personally I got enough of it when it was repeated several times. I had idea they not for men but for women, because it is not a kiss on the lips but they went right to it by kissing several times. I got enough of it even if there was other people who considered it normal but it is also a personal opinion, each has. Sebastian in the movie dies in a accident but come back in the end and ends happy,  in the theater, he missed. It was strange, do not think they made it anyway as well as in the movie where he was. Think the movie is more understandable and good. Went before the theater was on track, there were silk fabric on the scene, on of the men went in the middle while the other shook it, it was so fast that the man in the middle could not stop and fell. Everything stopped and the audience was afraid, actors are so serious and would call the police. Suddenly, he came to himself and he was not hurt they started the theater such. It was so well made and they got all the attention people clapped with a smile. Late to the theater ends with the two women and a man happy endings, you do not know if she goes with another woman or another man but they all keep each other where both parties are happy. Interpretation are differently because we do not know if she is married to the woman or man. people may even guess at the end.

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10. november 2009 af Stygotius (Slettet)

 Hvad lærer du af det ?

Det her er vist noget du bare har taget fra Google. 

Mon du ikke er en smule for smart   -og doven ?

........Studieportalen er ikke en gratis sprog-vaskemaskine

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