Nogle der vil rette dette?

19. juni 2015 af KathrineØvad - Niveau: 9. klasse

1.Why did I choose this topic?

I have chosen this topic, because I think it’s exciting how different the ideal body for women has changed through time. It’s also an easy topic for me to relate to, because I have a lot of focus at the body ideals today like a lot of other people. I have picked some of the most important decades from the 1900s to talk about and then I will talk about how the body ideal for women is today.

2. How has the ideal body for women been through the 1900s and why?
In the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s, was the ideal body to have the smallest waistline humanly possible, and in order to achieve this look, women wore corsets, which made it almost impossible to breathe. They ruined their bodies inside, and you can compare the corset with plastic surgeries today. It was only women, who was in an advanced state of pregnancy and poor women, who didn’t wore a corset. The breast got pushed forward, the hips backwards and the stomach was flat. You can say, that the corset made you body into a kind of s-shape.

The corsets got looser about the 1. world war, it was especially because the women got more freedom at this time. For instance they got the right to vote. The corsets also got looser because of a french fashion designer, who made looser dresses. It did that the ideal got more casual and movable. Irene Castle was one of the periodes big style icons, so when she began to wore the looser dresses, it affected the more ordinary women to do the same. The ideal body was in this decade round breast, slender hips, and a defined waist. So a feminine look with curves.

The ideal body changed a lot in the 1920s. When it earlier was popular to have curves was it now popular to have a look, where you didn’t have any curves at all. In fact, some would even bind their chests with strips of cloth to achieve a boyish look. It was the flappers, who changed the ideal body for women. The women had almost taken the job of the mens, when they were in war, so they also want to look

like men. They wore tight girdles to make the figure flat, and they used special bras to make the breast flat.

The 1940s were characterised by the second world war. A campaign named Rosie The Riveter, was used

to get the women take care of the traditional job for men. The hard physical work

prompted more muscles. But in 1947 ensured a french fashion designer to bring the feminine look back. The designer's new collection was especially made of skirts with a lot of focus on the waist and the hips. There were also designed a new corset to bring the hourglass figure back, just not so tight as earlier.

After the second world war was the women fast getting back to their usual domestic duties.

The film star Marilyn Monroe was the 1950s big celebrity and women all over the world was dreaming of a

body like hers. Special bras enhanced the breast in a pointed shape, and high-heeled shoes indicated

the feminine movements. So the ideal body was feminine with curves. Among the younger girls

was the ideal body thin, like Audrey Hepburns.

In the 1960s was a model called Twiggy. She was a very thin girl, who changed the ideal body markedly.

The ideal body was tall and little girlish without any feminine characteristics, as a kind of rebellion against the discrimination of women.

The 1970s, 80s, and 90s was characterised by naturalness and difference. The ideal was still to be thin, but in a more healthy way with muscles.

3.How is the body ideal for women today?

The ideal body hasn’t really changed since the 1970s. Today is the body ideal for women to be thin with curves, and a lot of girls want thigh gap. But it isn’t enough just to be thin, you have to have muscles and look healthy. The 2000s is characterised by health. I think that it’s the celebrities and the media, that affect the body ideal today. You see commercials everywhere of thin and healthy girls. It could be a commercial for clothes, fitness or food. A few years ago was it wrong to have a big bottom, but now is it popular. Women like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have affected the ideal body. They showed the world that a big bottom can be beautiful and hot, and they made it popular. That is a great example of how the celebrities and the media affect people today.

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19. juni 2015 af Stygotius

Tror du at andre mennesker bare kan udnyttes, og at du kan få gennelæst og rettet en meget lang tekst helt gratis ??

Hvad i alverden tænker du på ??

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20. juni 2015 af S141195


"gennelæst" ?? - Man skal ikke kaste med sten når man selv bor i et glashus. Du retter konstant på folk, selvom der oftest tydeligvis er tale om en tastefejl. Hvad med at feje for egen dør først? 

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30. juni 2015 af Mawias


Det problem har intet at gøre med hans kommentar. 

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