Hjælp med punktum og komma

06. maj 2019 af Luca3213 - Niveau: 9. klasse

Hej alle sammen jeg skal bruge hjælp til at sætte punktum og komma i det her tekst

Yes, I do have the ability to record on the software OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) because I had been a streamer once but I didn’t have the time to keep the twitch so I closed it but I do know all of the functions on OBS and so on.

Yes, I use Gyazo in my school when I need to take a picture of something so yes I know all about it and if some of the staff members don’t trust the things that I’m saying then I can like take a screenshot of it to prove that I’m right.

I want to be an helper on PVPWars because I think I can contribute with a lot of positive energy same as helping people when they need help for basic stuff like why stuff don’t work or for example if someone needs help with if they can’t like build or mine in their mine and I also think I can make a difference because when I’m on as a normal person when I need help for basic stuff it’s not all the time the Helpers answer me so I think I can make a difference there being more responsive and taking the time to help others if the other Helpers don’t have the time at that point. And it’s not always when people need help that there is some staff on and that’s where I think I also can make a difference since I’m almost always active every day according to my schedule placed down below.

What keeps me motivated when I’m on a staff team is positivity. I really like when there is a good mood within a staff team cause that just helps everything, like if another staff not feeling the tone that day maybe I could take over so he could maybe like get on another day when he’s feeling the mood more. But all in all, a great tone all the time, and being nice to each other and helping each other is obviously the things that keeps me motivated within a staff team.

U should choose me over others because I think I can contribute to PVPWars a lot especially with the positive tones on the server and I’m always up for a challenge if someone needs help and it doesn’t just take 2 seconds to complete but takes some time and I am always active in chat the most times I’m not active in chat is when I’m not on PVPWars if I’m like getting some foods or doing something with the family but I’ll make sure to be as active as I can be on PVPWars to help the other players, and of course I will try to listen to all players the most as possible no special treatment to other players because I know them or they have a higher rank its shall all be equal. 

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08. maj 2019 af Stygotius

"Hjælp" til hvad ???

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08. maj 2019 af mfgm

Hmm. Er du ved at ansøge til at blive en rank på en spilserver?

Prøv at oprette en bruger på hjemmesiden grammarly.com - den kan hjælpe dig godt på vej med komma, punktum og også dit ordvalg :)

Det går hurtigt og nemt - i realtid mens du skriver.

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