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23. januar 2007 af Lamia (Slettet)
Er der nogle der vil være søde og ret de mine gramatiske fejl?:


Scientist from ten nations has drilled 3000 metres through the ice of America. By studying 900000 years snowfall and air bubbles, which are preserved like the annual rings in a tree, you can answer questions about past time’s climate changes.
Because of the result of the examinations scientists can with certainty say that there have been eight ice ages and eight periods with warmer climate.
Furthermore it has been surprisingly concluded, by comparing present climate patterns with the pasts, that the present warm climate period can maybe last 15 000 years more. The interesting thing is also that the more carbon dioxide the ice contains, the “hotter” it is – greenhouse gasses are therefore a causative factor to the global warming.

Tak på forhånd!

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23. januar 2007 af compaqcompaq (Slettet)

hvis det er flere vidskabsmænd så skal der s på og i stedet for has skal det være have.

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23. januar 2007 af KeniX^z (Slettet)

i stedet for "can maybe last 15000 years more", skriv:
"might last for another 15000 years"

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