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Managerial Accounting - Beregn hvad ending inventory kommer til at være ud fra de givne oplysninger

25. august 2018 af Mikkelkejser - Niveau: Universitet/Videregående

Hey jeg har store problemer med denne opgave, og kan ikke helt se hvad jeg skal gøre,da jeg føler der mangler oplysninger:

Fine DisplaysFine Displays designs and manufactures displays used in mobile devices. Serious flooding throughout the region affected Fine DisplaysFine Displays ' facilities. Inventory was completely  ruined, and the  company's computer  system, including all accounting  records, was destroyed

Start by determining the ending inventory of raw materials by calculating the direct materials used.

Jeg får de her oplysninger:

Before the disaster recovery specialists clean the  buildings,MarissaMarissa  CalvertCalvert ,
the company controller, is anxious to salvage whatever records she can to support an insurance claim for the destroyed inventory. She is standing in what is left of the Accounting Department wtih
TonyTony MyersMyers , the cost accountant. "I didn't know mud could smell so  bad,"
TonyTony says.  "What should I be looking  for?" "Don't worry about beginning inventory  numbers," responds MarissaMarissa. "We'll get them from last year's annual report. We need  first-quarter cost  data." "I was working on the  first-quarter results just before the storm  hit,"
TonyTony says.  "Look, my report's still in my desk drawer. But all I can make out is that for the first  quarter, material purchases were $541,000
and that direct  labor, manufacturing overhead  (other than indirect materials), and total manufacturing costs to account for were$510,000 ;  $229,000 ;
and $1,508,000 ,
respectively.  Wait, and cost of goods available for sale was 1,615,000 ."
"Great," says MarissaMarissa. "I remember that sales for the period were approximately
1.6 million. Given our gross profit of 25 %, that's all you should  need."
TonyTony is not sure about  that, but decides to see what he can do with this information.

og det her:

Raw  materials,$82,000

Work in  process, $210,000

Finished  goods, $218,000

He remembers several schedules he learned in college that may help him get started.

Ud fra det skal jeg beregne hvad Direct material used bliver, for at kunne beregne ending inventory.

Håber der er nogen som kan hjælpe

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