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11. april kl. 10:51 af Helen123 - Niveau: A-niveau

Hej jeg står her rmed min engelsk stil oversat fra dansk på 250 ord, og det kunne være super. hvis nogen herinde tid har tid at til kigge på den. 

Teksten på dansk er vedhæftet


The world’s oldest cartoon exists in the town of Bayeux in Normandy. It is on show in an impressive museum, where the whole history is being told by means of a lightshow, coats and posters before you will be let go of entering the hall, where the actual masterpiece is hanging.

The long exhibition case is illuminated by a large number of searchlights, otherwise the room is dark. At the entrance you are supplied with headphones, so you have text to the pictures (English, German or French at one's own option. The comment is controlled of electronic impulses. There is fifty-eight pictures in total sewn on a piece of linen which is seventy meters long. The enormous piece of handicraft was manufactured in the eleventh century. The narrators make it plain for all, that Vilhelm Erobreren had the right to invade England and crush the English army in the battle of Hastings in 1066. He has been fooled by the English King Harald who had promised to make Vilhelm king of England, but had placed the krone on his head in instead.

A lot is happening on these pictures: warships are being built and loaded with weapons, horses, soldiers and heaps of French wine so the Normans are equipped across the Channel. There are being eaten og drunk in enormous parties, and there are being fought, so the injured people and animals are whirling round in the air, and the wounded are scattered on the battlefield

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11. april kl. 14:09 af StoreNord

Vilhelm Erobreren hedder William the Conqueror på engelsk.

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11. april kl. 16:36 af BirgerBrosa

Okay, jeg har kigget på den. Hvad nu???

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