Engelsk - A critique of the American Dream

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“A critique of the American Dream

The American Dream has been the _____foundation____  for the American way of life ever since the United States came to be. Its essence is that everyone must have the _____opportunity _______ to pursue his or her own material ____values____ in free competition with others. The role of the ______Government______is merely to secure the individual the freedom to do so. 

However, the dream has rarely been criticized. The basic ____________ of the dream have largely remained_______unquestioned_________. 

Americans still hold that the USA has ___________social mobility, and that the USA is a ______classless_______ society where everyone has ____ample______  opportunity to succeed according to his or her ability. This is often referred to as ______the American Dream________.The idea is that _______self reliant_______ individuals whowork hard canmakesomething of their life, or at least _______________so the next generation might enjoy a better life. Americans accept greater inequalityfor the chance of greater _________________________. 

Looking at recent _____________ data, however, revealsthat social mobility in the USA is ___________with less developedcountries such as Pakistan and Peru. _________________the USA lags far behind countries that _______________ wealth such as Denmark. One could almost say that_______________ who want to live______________  should relocate to Denmark. 

The reality is that nearly one out of five Americans are either______________, underemployed, or _______________  looking for work all together, and millions of families are facing __________________in a land where home ownership has been the prime symbol of the American Dream.

Explaining this ______________ is difficult and economists disagree on the root ______________of the declining mobility. One cause could be the gap in educationwhich has become _____________________ important in a modern__________________.

A more cynical approach would be that the American _____________ have led to a "winner take all" _____________. A nation that has come to think of human nature as competitive, even_________________,leads to a situation in which the rich get richer while everyone else becomes_________________.”

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