HJÆLP en der har virklige maget løst til at rette min engelsk stil.

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hej søde 

har du ikke mega maget løst til at rette min engelsk stil, det skal lige siges det er ikke snyd fordi min lære siger jeg skal få den rette af en, så hvis det vil være dig så kunne det være SUPER godt

undskyld på forhold er ikke god til engelsk. 

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skrive til mig så sender jeg den til dig

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17. marts kl. 18:19 af ekmul12

Hej. Send den til mig og jeg kigger på det.

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A Day of Exploratio

Dear Mom

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written, or just contact you at home. But on faith all that, I’ve brought myself together to contact you again. But few of you shouldn’t be worried about me or my family, I’ll say we’re all fine, we all have. But Mom, I have to say I’ve missed telling you about our travels, wait... we’ve just been to the USA by Chicago, so can I tell you about that trip.

Chicago, USA

The tour starts on 6. January 2020. Me, Christian and Julia were going to the air garden, but obviously it went wrong because the food that drove our taxis to the air garden had to take so many other things in that our plane ended up gone. So, we had to wait twelve hours for the next flight to Chicago. But it went, we got a good trip over to Chicago anyway.

Den we come to Chicago was we single just tire so we took just a taxi to our hotel.  Also, because it was three o’clock at night.

7. January 2020

but next day, was we already up seven o’clock. Because we should only two days, so we should take advantage of the time we have in Chicago.

Trips first experience go to, a little skating rink. Julia will right gladly try that stall on ice skate. And then it was also a little fun at seven in the morning where no one was there, so we had the whole skating rink for ourselves. But it was just annoying that we could only skate for two hours because it was just so nice.

After skating rink, took we over to Wildberry pancakes and café, which is a famous brunch place and it tasted so good. And for the rest of the day we were finally just shopping, and we bought Julia’s birthday present. Because she has a birthday tomorrow.

8. January 2020

Today its Julia’s birthday, she turns four, me and Christian, are just so proud of our little girl. Julia must have the best four- year birthday of her life. So, we start the day whit that eat delicious brunch. And to brunch we gave her presents to her and she became so happy whit them.

Julia, decide herself for that we must in Navy Pier, on her birthday. Because Navy Pier is fun, and there is roller coasters and water park, there was everything in Navy Pier. That was so funny to that we used hold day in Navy Pier. So, I think that Julia have a good birthday.

We have that best tour in my life.  Everything was good and Navy Pier was so good, tour lived hero clear up to my expectations.  

From Lærke

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her er min stil. og mange tak for at du gider bruge din tid til at hjælpe mig.

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