Vurdere engelsk B 2. del.

20. juni 2008 af missheidi (Slettet)

Jeg ville høre om der var nogen, der vil kigge på 2. del af min engelsk skriftlig eksamens stil?

Den er nok fuld med kongruens fejl, men det kunne nu være dejligt at få den vurderet til en karakter..

Jeg kan skrive opg. formuleringen ind, hvis det vil hjælpe..:)

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20. juni 2008 af missheidi (Slettet)


Jeg starter da bare med at skrive ogp. formuleringen:


1. Write a summary of "Bad stress, good stress" in about 150 words.
2. Give an outline of the various stress-related problems presented in the four texts.
3. Comment on the following statement: "If you want to live long and healthily, don't settle into routines."
4. Write an article for a school magazine (150-200 words) in which you discuss how to manage stress as a student.

Det skal være omkring 600-900 ord i alt..

Her så selve besvarelsen:

Section A

1. Summary of “Bad stress, good stress”
“Bad stress, good stress” is an article, in The Times 2005, by Sacha Bonsor. The article deals with how to handle stress.
Sacha Bonsor writes that stress has become common in modern parlance. In 2004, stress had cost the UK economy £13.5 billion. Dr. Ray also says that, the number of organizations contacting his charity to seek advice, has increased significant.
Stress is, by definition, the way people react when they have a lot of pressure or other demands placed on them. Pursuant to Dr. Frank Bond, nobody likes the feeling of stress. But those who deal best with it, he says, have a high level of “psychological flexibility”. They put them selves in terrible situation to follow their goals.
When people are stressed, they really mean that they are afraid of feeling afraid or looking stupid, Dr. Frank Bond says.
According to lecture Clare Harris, the big problem is to recognize stress. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you may not avoid stress to either mind or body.

2. Outline of the various stress-related problems.
Stress is claimed guilty in many problems. Some of those problems are e.g. family problems. Text three, “Stress relief” an internet article 2007, deals with family problems. “There is so much to do, and not enough time to do it all.” It tells that families have trouble to make the day function. We have no stress relief in sight, because we work harder than before . Stress can also leave us exhausted and emotionally drained. The weekends are full of activities, and we can no longer take time of to recharge .

Stress is more than family problems. Text two, “Bad stress, good stress” by Sacha Bonsor, deals with how to handle stress. Stress can make you do ridiculous things, like Piers Morgan do.
He punches the walls. Stress is also a problem for the Government. It has e.g. cost the UK economy £13.5 billion, because of lost productivity and increased illness at work . Stress also leads to the fact that people avoiding situations were they feel stressed, Dr. Bond says. “They would never build up the experience that would allow them to cope better when the next stressful situation arises” Clare Harris also says that you lose the sight of the big picture, when you are stress . James Burleigh writes in an article “Stress can be good for you …but not for long”, text four, that stress can actually be good for you. But he also says: “… long-lasting stress can do serious damage by wearing out the immune system . So what he really means is that stress injures the immune system. The longer stress continues there is a higher risk that the immune system is hitting by damaging .
Stress is also caused by your work.
In text 1, “Mind & Body this week: Danger: stress at work” by Eilish O’Reagan, we hear about which jobs where you are most and least stressed. One of the least stressful jobs is dinner ladies. They haven’t so much contact with children, because they only see them in the break times . The dinner ladies are compared with the teachers. We don’t hear much about the teachers, but we can assume that the teachers are exposed for a stressful day, because they have to interact with children all the time .
“Jobs in which you have to hide your true feeling and emotions are the most stressful.” It means that, if you have to hide your feeling at work, you are more stressed than people who worked with distanced to the public . You are also more stressed if you are ambitious and look to the future.

3. Comment on the statement: “If you want to live long and healthily, don’t settle into routines”
I believe most people think, if they make some routines, they can avoid stress. Because, then they know what to do the next week.
But I think that is incorrect, because it can’t be healthy to do the same thing over and over again. There must be some changing in your life, which you can learn from. If you are staying in the same routing, it can be hard to learn new things.
We have to be more flexible. I think that routines causes stress, because if you can’t keep your timetable, you get stress off thinking on what to do now. In the end, you will die off a heart failure. We already see that in the news all the time.

4. Article to a school magazine.
A student’s life is hard enough without all the examinations, but you can’t stay away from them. Almost every student gets stress under the examinations. I think one of reason why we students get stressed under an examination, is the fact that we have some expectations we want to live up to.
To reduce or even remove the stress, you should set some lower expectation, which you know you can live up to. But isn’t too hazardous? You might underachieve, and then you get disappointed. I think everybody has their own way to manage stress. I manage stress by taking a time of. Just too cool off, and think on something else. A friend of mine, she goes to the gym and train in about two hours. It helps her to be more stress free.
If you have a lot of home work to do, and you are stressed, you should might skip some of it, and do some of the most important home work. Make no arrangement, and when you finally have some time off, relax!

Fylder ialt 950 ord.

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20. juni 2008 af missheidi (Slettet)

Slet ingen der har lyst og tid?..:)

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22. juni 2008 af missheidi (Slettet)


Håber der er nogen til at kigge på det i dag..:)

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15. september 2008 af kidra (Slettet)

det ser godt ud :)

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11. marts 2009 af maxemil (Slettet)

 "she goes to the gym and train in about two hours"

... excercise...

desuden forståelses problem:  tager hun afsted om 2 timer?  eller træner hun ca 2 timer?

der er flere småting...  ;)    hvordan gik eksamen?

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 Hva fik du for denne opgave? Haster!

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