Engelsk stil

07. marts 2018 af Hjælp1502 - Niveau: 8. klasse


Jeg har skevet denne engelske stil, som jeg skal aflevere på Fredag.

Derfor vil jeg høre om i ikke kunne tjekke denne opgave, hvis i har tid.

The perfect day in the Beach.

I woke up in my friends house, we were five girls. The names of the girl were Stella, Maja, Vera and Emma. We had a sleepover last night which was very cosy.

We watched movies all night, and talked about gossip and boys.

Behind my friends house, there is a beach, so we decided up our minds to get out and eat breakfast next to the beach. We all thought it couldn't be very cosy therefore we packed a bag with breakfast and bathing suits.

Vera had a crush on a gay from our class - his name was Benjamin, so I had invited him over, to Breakfast.

We came out, and in the meantime where we dined, Benjamin came with 3 of his friends, called Frederik, Thomas and Alex.

Fredrik was high, brown eyed and brown haired. Thomas was also high, blue eyed and blond haired. Alex was medium high, muscular, green eyed and brown haired.

Vera become very shy when she saw Benjamin, but she was also happy.

Suddenly came many people, from our school.

The boys and girls, from the elderly classes, also came and some people, we don’t know at all.

There was a loudspeaker, It played very loud music. People brang inflatable water toys and beach ball.

Suddenly it all became a “Beach party”, as you watch in the movies.

Benjamin and his friends, had made a volleyball court.

So we all played, boys against girls. It was very funny, and we all was very bad at it, which made it even funnier.

After playing volleyball, we all decided to get in the sea, and we took all the inflatable water toys, and beach ball with os.

We tried to play tag, but it was very hard, to ran in the water.

The reason behind the running, was that we decided not to swim.

So everybody laughed, when a person tried to catch, an another person.

We came up from the water, and we were very tired. So we all decided to, lie on the grit. We turned on the music, and began talking, and played

“I have never”.

Know that I think, about the day, I actually mean it was very funny.

And i think we should totally do, something like this again.

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07. marts 2018 af OliverHviid

Der er mange fejl og danismer, men det er din lærers job at rette den. Din lærer vil sikkert også gerne være i stand til at se din personlige præstation som jo ikke er muligt hvis én på studieportalen retter den.

Svar #2
07. marts 2018 af Hjælp1502

Hvilke fejl er der i teksten ? Kan du give et par eksempler på det.? :)

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